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New stories as of May 31, 2010:

Involuntary Commitment (House, House/Wilson, 42,000 words, explicit). House heads to rehab. Things go pretty much as well as you'd expect.

Mount Everest (American Idol, Ryan/Simon, 581 words, general audiences). Ryan and Simon talk love and marriage.

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american idol:

Mount Everest

Ryan and Simon talk love and marriage. [Ryan/Simon, 581 words, general audiences]

Never Been So Easy

Midsummer break in L.A. [Ryan/Simon, 4128 words, explicit]


"What I'd like to know," Simon said, his hand resting comfortably on Ryan's leg for anyone at Jackie's party to see, "is how Giuliana came by this knowledge about the backs of your thighs." [Ryan/Simon, 349 words, teen and up audiences]

Nothing Going on But History

For Rymonfest, prompt 23: "Despite what we've been told, Simon and Ryan met before Idol. They had a no-name one-night stand when Simon was in L.A. for some reason (to help pitch Idol, or for some record label business). Write about that and their meeting on the show again." [Ryan/Simon, 4221 words, explicit]

There's No Place Like _______

Simon recently bought a new house. Apparently, it's the embodiment of conspicuous consumption. [Ryan/Simon, 284 words, teen and up audiences]

Breaking Point

"It was a kiss, Ryan! You're acting like he blew you onstage." [Ryan/Simon, 2731 words, teen and up audiences]

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blades of glory:

Last Will and Testament

Silly little gen ficlet for counterfeitcoin. [Chazz&Jimmy, 470 words]

Normal Guys

A few days later, he borrows Coach's car and drives into town to rent Chazz's porno movie. [Chazz/Jimmy, 3400 words, explicit]

You Have One Hundred and Fifteen Messages

The first time he saw Chazz Michaels skate, live and in the flesh, was in Lausanne. [Chazz/Jimmy, 700 words]

con te partirò per navi su mari

He asks for a family for Christmas, and in January, Daddy arrives. [Chazz/Jimmy implied, 1400 words]

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due south:

We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning

Something had happened up there in Canada -- that much Ray knew. Something big, something serious, something that was still aching and raw. He had no idea how Kowalski had managed to stay alive in undercover gigs for so long; the son of a bitch wore his pain like a hairshirt, like a new tattoo so fresh it was still oozing blood. [Kowalski/Vecchio, 19,500 words, explicit]

A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment

The next time Ray flew up to the Northwest Territories, he decided to ride on the inside of the plane. [Fraser/Kowalski, 1800 words, explicit]

Fifteen Dates Ray Never Had (And One He Did)

Ray hadn't just moved on. He'd moved out, moved along, moved cross-country and, apparently, internationally. He'd moved on with a vengeance. [Fraser/Kowalski, 5400 words]

Breakfast Date

Ficlet/romance bomb for DS Match. [Fraser/Kowalski, 460 words]


For the ds_snippets prompt "peg." [Ray K/Stella, 297 words]


Crack!fic, post-MotB: Fraser turns into a werewolf. [Fraser/Kowalski, 560 words]

Repeat Performance

For the ds_snippets prompt "fret." [Fraser/Kowalski, 900 words]

reaching for the beaufort sea

For the ds_snippets prompt "quest." [Fraser/Kowalski, 281 words]

How to Fuck in High Heels

Ubiquitous crossdressing/undercover in a gay bar fic. A little cliché goes a long way. A lot of cliché goes farther. [Fraser/Kowalski, 5400 words, rated R]

First Line Flashfic: The Jerry Falwell Memorial Series

Eight drabbles for the flashfiction first lines festival. [mixed pairings, 800 words]


In the dark, in the flashes of red and blue from the police cars parked around them, it was difficult to tell which of the dark places on Ray's face were bruises, which were ash and soot, and which were simply the shadows of exhaustion. [Fraser/Kowalski, 1950 words]

Love, Canadian Style

Ray wondered why he'd ever thought it would be a good idea to have sex with Canadians. The politeness alone was going to kill him. [Kowalski/Turnbull, 1900 words, explicit]

Chick Habit

Francesca Vecchio learns to want, learns that she can’t have what she wants, and finally learns that she can. [Frannie/various females, 3400 words, explicit]


A second chance. [Frannie/Ray K, 1050 words, rated R]

Louder Than Words

Ray and Fraser are snowed in. The inevitable happens. [F/K, 9300 words, explicit]

Great White Nothing

A variation on "Call of the Wild," following the canon to a certain point in the episode(s) and then deviating wildly toward the end. Warnings for angst. [F/K, 6400 words, explicit]

Mountie: A Love Story in Three Parts

Frannie kind of likes Mounties. A ds_flashfiction drabble for the "sisterhood" challenge. [Frannie-centric, 538 words]

Certain Drawbacks

Some of the drawbacks of being Benton Fraser's partner, and at least one of the benefits. [F/K, 6800 words, explicit]

Some Sort of Approximation of Home

For the "cheating" challenge at ds_flashfiction. [F/K friendship, 3150 words]

Ghost Dad

Ray slept, and dreamed of ghosts and wolves. [F/K, 1700 words]

The First Day

Okay, so maybe Ray's always been a little bit bent. [F/K, 746 words]


For ds_flashfiction, Summer of '79 challenge. [RayK/Stella, 180 words]

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hard core logo:

where the heart isn't

For the ds_snippets prompt "home." [Joe/Billy, 359 words]

All Stripped Down

Billy was under the shower spray for approximately twenty seconds before Joe came barreling in after him, tripping over the curtain, still wearing his fucking jeans, mouth bloody from where Billy had punched him not one minute earlier. [Joe/Billy, 1000 words, explicit]

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Involuntary Commitment

House heads to rehab. Things go pretty much as well as you'd expect. [House/Wilson, 42,000 words, explicit]

A Voice in Ramah (Welcome to Holland)

A voice is heard in Ramah,
Lamentation and bitter weeping,
Rachel weeping for her children,
Refusing to be comforted for her children,
Because they are no more. (Matthew 2:18)
[Cuddy-centric gen, 7711 words, teen and up audiences]

We Live Together in a Photograph of Time

Wilson's hair curls when they're fucking. [House/Wilson, 1860 words, explicit]

Third Wheel Rolling

He's not jealous, but he's been the third wheel for so long that it's hard to tell the difference. [Cameron/Chase/Foreman, 4900 words, explicit]

So Let Us Melt, and Make No Noise

"You kill patients all the time," House said. "You never stay at work until--" He peered at the clock. "--Four in the morning to make sure they're really dead." [House/Wilson, 1900 words, R]

Eric Foreman Doesn't Take It Up The Ass (But If He Did, It Might Happen Something Like This)

Chase thinks this might just be the best idea he's ever had. [Chase/Foreman, 6600 words, explicit]

A podfic version, read by dodificus and audiobooked (m4b format) by cybel, is now available. You can download it here (please right-click and save: 45:52, 21 MB), and leave feedback for dodificus here and for cybel here. (Thanks to Jinjur for hosting this audiobook at her archive!)

Carrion Eaters

Throughout an infinite number of possible universes, futures unseen and histories yet unwritten, some things remain essentially the same. [no pairing, 1700 words]

Stumbling Towards Something Real

House and Wilson on holiday in Mexico. A flagrant excuse for smut, basically. [House/Wilson, 3600 words, explicit]


For Foreman Fest prompt #111: "Chase gets beat up and Foreman decides to teach him how to fight in a kind of cute, grudging, older-brother way." [Chase/Foreman pre-slash, 1450 words]

Two For The Road

For the first ever Foreman Fest, prompt 107: "After a break and enter gone wrong, Foreman and Chase are both sentenced to 300 hours of community service, which it looks like they're gonna spend picking up trash on the side of the road." [Chase/Foreman, 2500 words, rated R]

A Modest Proposal

Tritter's case against House still depends on subpoenaed testimony from Wilson. To save House from losing everything, the doctors of PPTH decide on an unusual solution, which in turn leads to unexpected consequences. This is a story about the sacrifices we make that turn out not to be such great sacrifices after all. [House/Wilson, 56,000 words, explicit]

A podfic (audio) version, read by wihluta and audiobooked by Nos4a2no9, is now available. You can download it here (please right-click and save: 5:54:20, 85 MB), and leave feedback for Wih here and for Nos here. (Thanks to Jinjur for hosting this audiobook at her archive!)

A Modest Proposal has been translated into Russian by Fly. You can read the Russian translation here and leave feedback for Fly via e-mail.

Brynnamorgan rendered a wonderful piece of accompanying fanart, titled "Burning Eggs," which you can see here at her journal.

Penitence and Provocation

"Please, keep going" -- a missing scene (or continuation, even) from "Words and Deeds." [House/Wilson, 1420 words, rated R]

Our Tribe

The conditions have changed. House makes a sacrifice. [House/Wilson and House/Tritter, 2,000 words, rated R]

Crossing Borders

Apologies are offered, and someone makes an unusual suggestion. Post-WaM. [H/W, 2,500 words]

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Thursday's Child

NCIS: Los Angeles, gen, Callen/OFC, Callen/Hanna pre-slash, 6013 words. From lost boy to man with no name: Special Agent G Callen, NCIS.


Kill Bill, Gogo Yubari gen, 2264 words. Gogo smiles and tightens her grip on the chain of her sheng bao. She thinks she will enjoy watching Black Mamba bleed.

Second Grace

The Royal Tenenbaums, Richie/Margot, 1800 words. He's been told on more than one occasion that he loves too much.

Living the Honest Life

Wilby Wonderful, Duck/Dan, 1274 words. They've come a long way from the hospital, late summer, the ache in his throat that was as much rope as grief, the shame and despair.

Walking Wounded

M*A*S*H, Charles/Margaret, 1835 words. There was heat between her legs -- dry heat, an arid desert.

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